Aperol Spritz Duo: 1x Aperol 700ml & 1x Cinzano Prosecco 750ml

Aperol Spritz Duo: 1x Aperol 700ml & 1x Cinzano Prosecco 750ml

Aperol Spritz Duo: 1x Aperol & 1x Cinzano Prosecco


Aperol Apertivo 700ml

Its unique bittersweet taste derives from a secret and original recipe, that has remained authentic over time as a result of a hard work of experimentation.
An infusion of selected primary components including oranges, herbs and roots in a perfectly balanced combination.

NOSE: Lightly alcoholic, zesting orange with appealing complex herbal scents harmonized with a touch of vanilla.

BODY: Intense orange top with herbal and woody body notes, pleasantly bittersweet and salty.

TEXTURE: Velvety and rounded, with long-lasting orange and wood memories.

BACKTASTE: Herbal long pleasant typical bitterness.

ABV: 11%

Cinzano Prosecco 750ml

Fresh, fizzy and fruity, with flavours reminiscent of apple and pear. It has a sweet scent and a soft touch in the mouth and as such, it is perfect as an aperitivo, or for blending in cocktails such as the Aperol Spritz.

APPEARANCE: Straw yellow

NOSE: Fruity, floral, slightly herbaceous, with green apple and pear notes

TASTE: Fresh and mild at the same time, with good persistence

FOOD PAIRINGS: Very easy to pair, this expression is the perfect fit for every kind of aperitivo, as well as first and second courses made with seafood, white meat and vegetables, even when citrus fruits are used in preparation. Specific pairings could be spicy food, when aromatic but not too hot, such as curried or tandoori chicken. A nice pairing for vegetable dishes and soups, and also very good paired with savoury vegetable tarts or fresh cheese

ABV: 11%

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