Imperial Blue Light Whisky 700ml

Imperial Blue Light Whisky 700ml

Imperial Blue Light Whisky 700ml


From the house of Seagram, a benchmark for Quality and Craftmanship, since 1857. Fully imported product, using whiskies from Scotland.​ One of the world’s top 10 spirits brands. The 3rd largest selling whisky globally, with 20 million cases sold per year. ​ Sold in 20+ countries like Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, New Zealand, Qatar, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc.​ A blend of imported Scotch malts and grain spirits Produced with a smoother, sweeter flavour with a smooth finish.​

Tasting Notes Aroma: Fruity with a touch of subtle smoke

Taste: Light bodied, mellow, well-balanced notes of fruitiness and subtly sweet, rounded

Finish: Silky soft with a touch of sweetness

ABV: 25%

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