Paulaner Weissbier Alcohol free 500ml Bottle X20 (Case)

Paulaner Weissbier Non-Alcoholic 500ml bottle X20 (Case)

Paulaner Weissbier Alcohol free 500ml Bottle X20 (Case)

Weissbier 0,0%

Strictly non-alcoholic,great flavour!



Thanks to its balanced combination of fine malt aromas, refreshingly fruity Weissbier flavours and a pleasing hint of sweetness, our non-alcoholic Weissbier 0,0% can be enjoyed on any occasion. This isotonic thirst-quencher is brewed using the traditional Paulaner Weissbier technique and the alcohol is carefully removed after a thorough maturing process. A complex procedure removes all the alcohol from the beer, without losing any of its refreshing flavour! All these efforts pay off, as you can taste with every drop!

ABV: 0.0%

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Less calories than an apple spritzer without any compromises! Even though it has less than 115 kcal / 500 ml, our Hefe-Weißbier Non-Alcoholic has the same full Weissbier flavour as its big brother: Unfiltered, refreshing and vitalising. A great thirst quencher, which can turn a break in your day into a Bavarian taste experience.
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