Skyy Vodka 375ml 2+1

Skyy Vodka 375ml 2+1

Skyy Vodka 375ml 2+1


• SKYY® was originally crafted in California in 1992 by an inventor who was driven to create the ultimate vodka martini.

• SKYY® is the new world vodka, unafraid to stir and shake things up. SKYY® turned the industry on its head by pioneering an innovative, state of the art quadruple-distilled, triple filtration process. Through persistent attention to detail, our visionary founder had realized his ambitions, producing a  superior tasting vodka with fewer impurities amongst the top 20 leading US brands. 

• An icon was born when SKYY® introduces its cobalt blue bottle as the industry’s first “style” packaging. Challenging the category norms of vodka being sold in clear and Russian styled packaging.

• SKYY® is an icon of style, intrigue and originality who constantly challenges category norms.

• While SKYY® is the leading American premium vodka, it is an international brand that is shared with friends across 90 markets globally.

• ABV: 40%.

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