Suntory 'The Chita' Single Grain Japanese Whisky 700ml

Suntory 'The Chita' Single Grain Japanese Whisky 700ml

Suntory 'The Chita' Single Grain Japanese Whisky 700ml

It’s a portion of success that the Japanese whisky industry has had to manage the limelight onto its realistic grain distilleries that have maintained its range of blends for decades. Certainly, you don’t want to talk about single malts, as what they are shipping out is a different product compared to a decade ago. Therefore, they have a grain as a substitute. The color of Chita Suntory single grain Japanese whiskey is an autumn golden leaf. 

It smells like sandalwood, along with a mild finish, are the instant impressions. A slight banana is moving into tender vanilla flavors. Tenderness is the essential criterion here as there’s nothing bold or forceful. 

A mild flavor consists of timid honey, a nutty side, and golden syrup. It is clear that there isn’t a severe harness of alcohol; you compare it with many grains, and water brings out a mild fruity sweetness.

It has a creamy shortbread along with vanilla cream essence and an appealing texture. It’s very appreciated and approachable. Certainly, the finish of the whiskey is succinct. A biscuit cereal forms the main body with apples, ginger, along with caramel. 

It has particularly around the flavors and the black cardamom pepper and wood elements plus some floral elements. 

The finish is very intense as well as longer than expected. Some fruits and vanilla notes remain on the palate, along with a mild touch of spicy. The Chita Single Grain is a well-balanced as well as fresh whisky, as good as other Suntory whiskies.

ABV: 43%

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